🛡️Enable Sybil Resistance

Steps to enable Sybil Resistance on Sorms

Well, what is Sybil Resistance ?

A Sybil attack is a kind of security threat on an online system where one person tries to take over the network by creating multiple accounts on the blockchain.

To counter this, we have integrated Gitcoin Passport on forms. To enable sybil resistance on your form, follow these steps :

  • Click form settings on your form builder

  • Click Enable Sybil Protection in the Access tab of Form Settings

  • You should see this modal pop up

  • Add scores to the following stamps. A responder to this form would require a total score of 100% to fill out the form.

Let's say you consider that any responder who has a Github account is not a sybil attacker but you dont trust that this is true for other stamps, then setting the Github Account score to 100% and other stamps to a much lower score would be the best way to set these scores.

🎉 And that's it

You have successfully enabled Sybil Protection on your Sorm!

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