Bonus: Protect community against bots & sybil attackers

A major problem today in most online communities is that they are full of bots, bad actors and sybil attackers.

Less sybil attackers and bad actors in your community => Stronger community bonds + better overall experience for community members.

Its as simple as that.

To make this a reality Spect forms come with a Gitcoin Passport plugin.

Gitcoin Passport is used to secure Gitcoin Grants, a protocol that distributes public good funding to projects democratically, from bots and sybil attackers. Hence, this is a really good option if you're looking to protect your community from sybil attackers.

How to set it up?

  1. Click "Add Plugins"

  1. Click on "Sybil Protection with Gitcoin Passport".

  2. Add custom scores to the stamps shown. Only form responders that have a score of 100% or higher can fill out the onboarding form.

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