Setup Discord Native Onboarding

Discord native onboarding makes it possible to keep a new joiner on your community Discord for the initial onboarding process & reduce churn. It is also possible to add protection against bots & bad actors with captcha & Gitcoin Passport.
The biggest cause of churn during onboarding is that new joiners are asked to go to a different platform or url outside the community that they are actually joining before even they get a chance to explore the community. Think of it like a product. Would you want your user to go to a random 3rd party platform before they can even start using your product?
The goal of this section is to set up an onboarding workflow which optimize for the following.
  1. 1.
    New Joiner => Community member, with the least amount of churn, fast & as seamlessly as possible
  2. 2.
    Build context as new joiners go from joining your Discord to becoming community members
  3. 3.
    Stop bots & sybil attackers right at the door
Here's a demo of how we have set it up for Spect.

1. Build the onboarding form 🧾

This step is unique for each community. Make sure to make the onboarding journey as personalized as possible by using readonly fields & conditions.

2. Setup automations 🤖

This step, also, is unique for each community. Check out the way we've done it for Spect in the video.
If you already have roles setup on your Discord server, you can setup automations to give out a specific role based on how a new joiner responds to the form. Again, you can use advanced conditions to do this really seamlessly based on the form response.

3. Test it on the playground 🤹‍♀️

Here are some steps you can follow to test the onboarding flow for a new joiner.
Temporarily set the form to accept multiple responses
Share the form on a test channel on your server or use Spect's playground channel

4. Share it 🚀

Create a 'Getting Started' Channel

You may want this channel to be read-only so the onboarding form is always viewable. There are some permission requirements so the Spect bot can make posts & read threads on this channel.
Permissions for the Spect Bot
Permissions for the @everyone role
Pick a channel & share the form
Awesome! You have succssfully created a Discord native form!!!
Check out what else is possible.
Having trouble?
Stuck? Post your question on our Discord support channel.